Imagined and
born in Sicily

When craftsmanship meets Sicilian tradition, Viví Occhiali is born: artisanship blending style, design and innovation.

Modello Viví Occhiali maculato a forma di farfalla

Viví Occhiali: a purely Sicilian tale

Hello! We are Giuliano and Paolo, opticians and sons of opticians with a deep passion for the world of artisanal eyewear.

In 2021, Viví was born on the seafront of a tourist town in the southern part of Sicily, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. A workshop of creativity and attention to detail, where we give life to exceptional frames.

Each model is unique in color, shape and decoration, perfectly tailored for you.


Unique measurements, shapes and designs in the whole world

Sicilian heritage

Style and decorations from a timeless tradition

Elegance and novelty

Imagine sinuous and completely customizable frames, adorned with never-seen-before color combinations.

Style and details

Decorate the front and temples with refined details and precious elements to create a style that is uniquely yours.

Engraving and signatures

Enhance your eyewear with your name or brand and make them a personalized exclusive masterpiece.

Nature and liveliness

Let yourself be captivated by the collection dedicated to Sicily, featuring figures and colors typical of an extraordinary land.

How we work in the workshop

Each frame is handcrafted after a thorough design phase.

We exclusively use and work with cellulose acetate and Indian water buffalo horn for the front and temples. This allows us to create sturdy and ergonomic frames that fit perfectly on the nose and ears.

Icona di foglie bianche che rappresentano la natura


Handcrafted with
respect for nature

If you can imagine it,
you can create it.

Futuristic shapes, asymmetric temples, artwork-like decorations: there are no limits to your imagination, there are no limits to creating a Viví model.

How we work, between passion and equipment

All stages of production take place within our workshop,
where coordination, inventiveness, and skilled hands are essential.

The Idea

The work always starts with an idea, a desire, a need. It's the creative phase where you decide the appearance, colors, and materials we will use to create your personalized frame.

The 3D Design

The idea takes shape and becomes a 3D graphic project. In this phase, we define the measurements and dimensions of your eyewear and create a blueprint to follow throughout all the manufacturing stages.

CNC Milling

The computer numerical control (CNC) machine helps us shape the front and temples with the utmost precision.


We rough out, smooth and polish all the elements of the frame in a process that takes approximately 20 hours.


We enhance every detail with colored paints, custom designs and engravings making each frame even more beautiful.

The Final Result

The initial idea comes to life. Now you can finally wear your artisanal eyewear with pride.

Join the Viví world as well!

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